Advantage Green Cats/Rabbits Under 8.8lbs - 4 Pack

  • $33.00

An allover flea preventative for your small feline or rabbit(yep), Advantage Green 4 Pack Small Cats and rabbits works well for felines and rabbits of similar size. A small dab of the topical cream on the back of your pet’s neck allows for:
  • 30 days’ worth of protection / prevention from flea bites
  • Near instantaneous death of any fleas already on your pet
  • Halts the growth of any flea larvae which will keep your pets safe from future infestations
Advantage kills fleas on contact with your rabbit or kitten too. Just follow the weight range directions. It spreads throughout the oily layer of your pet’s skin covering every precious inch of your favorite couch-warming companion.

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