Activyl Spot-On for Cats Over 9 lbs (4 kg) - 4 Applicators

Activyl Spot-On for Cats Over 9 lbs (4 kg) - 4 Applicators

  • $38.00

The solution contains the active substance Indoxacarb which works using a process called bio-activation. This mode of action uses enzymes inside the flea to activate and produce an active compound that interferes with the flea's nervous system.

Once activated, Activyl will not only kill adult fleas but also break the flea life cycle and prevent eggs developing into larvae.

Each 1.03ml applicator contains 200.85mg Indoxacarb.

Method of administration

  • Spot-on use. For application to the cat's skin only.
  • Open one sachet and remove the applicator.
  • The cat should be standing for easy application. Hold the applicator in an upright position away from your face. Snap the tip open by bending it and folding it back on itself.
  • Part the hair until the skin is visible.Place the applicator tip against the skin at the base of the skull, where the cat cannot lick it off. Squeeze applicator firmly and apply the entire contents directly to the skin.
  • Treatment schedule: Following a single administration, the veterinary medicinal product will prevent further flea infestation for 4 weeks.

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